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Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction any day. 

Foundation of Real Estate Investing

Advancing Into Your Niche


The best way to do it, is to do it.

How can I use the % Below Median Income formula if I have more than 200 zip codes on the data mining spreadsheet?
I can't find comparable homes on Zillow. How can I find comps?
Check the estimate of the property to 3 different Real Estate sites (i.e. Zillow, Realtor, Redfin) and get the average.
For example,
Zillow - $ 120,000
Realtor - $ 98,000
Redfin - $ 105,000
Comps = (A+B+C)/3
I just uploaded 200 leads for this week's fulfillment but it keeps saying more than 200 on the system. What should I do?
First, make sure that each column on your file is correct. The header MUST be copied from the file that we sent to you.
Second, check if you have multiple tabs on your file. 
If everything is correct and you're still having an error, DO NOT proceed.
Contact your coach first.
When you submit a bid sheet for review, What does it mean when the coach replied 'I could argue lower'?
When your coach replied  "I could argue lower", it just means that if you are talking to the seller and they are wanting the top end of the comps, you don’t have much room as he feels that he can argue lower from some of the comps. Depending on finishes and neighborhood etc.

Please wait up to 72 hours to receive them.  
Don't forget to put the zip codes in the body of the email. 

Do not let ANY obstacles stop you.

Where there are obstacles, there are also great opportunities.
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